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Purpose: The purpose of the sit and reach is to evaluate the flexibility (extensibility) of the low back and posterior thighs.

Starting Position of Sit and Reach Test

Executed Position of Sit and Reach Test
Test Description: To assume the starting position, the students should be asked to remove their shoes and sit down at the test apparatus with their knees fully extended and the feet, shoulder width apart. The feet should be flat against the end board. The arms are extended forward with the hands placed on top of each other to perform the test. The pupil reaches directly forward, palms down, along the measuring scale four times and holds the position of maximum reach on the fourth trial. The position of maximum reach must be held for one second. The test apparatus and testing position are shown in figure a and b.
Equipment: The test apparatus consists of a specially constructed box with a measuring scale where 23 cm is at the level of the feet.
Scoring: The score is the farthest distance point reached on the fourth trial measured to the nearest centimeter. The test administrator should remain close to the scale and note the farthest distant point touched the fingertips of both hands. If the fingertips reach unevenly, the test sho be re-administered. The tester should place one hand on the subject's knees to ensure that they remain extended.
Administrative Suggestions: Proper warm-up is very important for this test. the warm-up should include slow sustained static stretching of the low back and posterior thighs. The test trial is repeated if :
(1) The hands reach out unevenly or (2) The knees are flexed during 1 trial. At the time of doing the test a partner placing his/her hands lightly acoss knees can prevent the flexing of knees. Besides, inorder to prevent the test apparatus from sliding away from the student during the test, it should be placed against a wall or a similar immovable project.