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Purpose: The purposeof the Modified pull-ups test is to test the should strengthal endurance.

Test Description: The horizontal bar should be positioned at a particular height, which is just reachable to a student, who lies on his/her back 01 flat surface. Then the student should be asked to clasp the horizontal bar with over grasp. When the student is ready, the test leader should givet signal "Go". On hearing the signal "go", the subject should start to raise the body by flexing the arm until the chin is pulled up to the level of the horizontal bar. Then the student should lower back to the starting position with shoulders touching the ground, this procedure should be repeated as many times as possible. The test will stop when the student pauses for two or more seconds. The testers should ensure that the subject keeps the knees straight during the test. Execution of the test is shown in Figure a and b.

Starting Position of Modified Pull-Up Test

Executed Position of Modified Pull-Up Test

Equipment: The test appartatus consists of a specially constructed horizontal bar that can be positioned at a height that allows the student to clasps the bar with over grasp when lying on the back on a flat surface.

Scoring: The student's score is the number of correctly executed pull-ups.

Administrative Suggestions: The core groups should make improvisation of equipment for the safe and proper conduct of the test. Mats can be used for more comfortable execution of the test.